Thursday, March 11, 2010

Penny Loaf Day

Today is Penny Loaf Day. This holiday originated in the 17th century in Newark, Nottingham, when a man named Hercules Clay dreamt for three nights in a row that his house would burn down. He moved his family out on March 11th and shortly thereafter, his house was burned down during the English Civil War. To give thanks for his unbelievable luck, he created a fund of £100 to buy Penny Loaves of bread, boots and shoes for the poor each year on the 11th of March. To get the bread, the poor had to listen to a sermon first. Although the funds are gone to give bread today, the sermon is still delivered in Newark.

To celebrate, watch a video on making bread and then try some of these family-friendly bread recipes . In the spirit of the day, make an extra loaf of bread and donate it to a local shelter. Older children can make bread dough beads and talk about how grains keep us healthy, while younger children can play with bread themed items in a sensory table or tub, such as oats, corn, barley, measuring cups, funnels and spoons or play Bread Basket Upset.

Image Credit: (Moonimama's Memoirs)

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