Sunday, March 14, 2010

Happy Mothering Sunday!

The tradition of Mothering Sunday is believed to have begun in the 16th century, when people would visit their mother church, which meant that most mothers would see their children on this day. Historians also believe that servants were given the day off, so that they could visit with their mothers. As Europe became more secularized, the holiday became more associated with appreciating mothers than visiting the Mother Church. Children would pick wild flowers along the way to give them to the church or their mothers.

Many traditional cakes are eaten for Mothering Sunday. Modern celebrations include the Simnel cake or Mothering Sunday Buns with raisins and butter icing. I can't find a recipe for these, so if you have one, please post in comments below! In Northern England and Scotland, carlings are eaten.

Make mum feel special today with a coffee filter paper bouquet or younger children can make a handprint heart. A personally decorated card and breakfast in bed will make her feel special too!

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