Monday, December 7, 2009

Las Vegas Attempts to Beat the Santa Record

This weekend, Las Vegas hosted the 5th Annual Great Santa Run. The run is a charity event hosted by Opportunity Village, a nonprofit organization that serves people with intellectual disabilities. In addition to being a great fundraiser for the organization, the run also attempts to break the world record for the most Santas in one place.

The current record is held by Derry City, Northern Ireland, for having 12, 965 Santas in one place. Derry City's event also raised over £100,000 for local charities. The previous record holder, and apparently still a competitor, is Liverpool. Las Vegas will be completing the counts in the next few days, so we will see what the outcome was! Always funny to see hundreds of Santas together - we went for bagels on Saturday morning and saw lots of Santas there.

Does your local area host any Guinness World Record breaking events?

UPDATE: Las Vegas has completed counts and had 8, 868 Santas, so it looks like Derry City still holds the record!

Thanks to Guinness World Records for the photo!

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