Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happy Boxing Day!

It's Boxing Day and we are heading off with the LVUK Mums Group for a celebration! Will be sure to update later with some pics.

Boxing Day is not celebrated much in the United States, although some Americans near the US/Canadian border celebrate. Boxing Day is a great time to spend with family that couldn't make it together on Christmas and recuperate from the big festivities from the day before. Historically, on Boxing Day the servants would have the day off and UK families would eat cold cuts or leftovers and play board games or cards.

How are other expats celebrating Boxing Day? Leave a comment below!

My apologies for not posting much lately, the entire house has been sick with the stomach flu and we are just now getting back to normal. Hope that everyone enjoyed Christmas and is counting down to New Year's! Don't forget to submit your posts for the LVUK Mums 2010 New Years Baby Tour!

Thanks AmoeBlog for the Boxing Day pic.

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