Monday, November 23, 2009

London & Las Vegas Both on Worst Places to Live...For Disaster Movies

Lock up the kids and the pets! Some bad news for London and Las Vegas - at least for those who live there in the movies. With the recent release of 2012, Yahoo! Movies has put together a list of world cities that have faced the most movie disasters. Tokyo takes the top spot - all those Godzilla movies sealed the deal - while London comes in at number 7 and Las Vegas at number 8. Londoners can run from dragons (Reign of Fire), zombies (28 Days Later) and nuclear disasters (The Day the Earth Caught Fire), while Las Vegans just have to fend off zombies (Resident Evil: Extinction).

The list is far from comprehensive - how could they leave off Shaun of the Dead? What are your favorite disaster or horror films set in the UK or Las Vegas?


  1. Yes, how could they leave off Shaun of the Dead? And Con Air, which while not strictly a disaster movie, does involve a plane causing major damage to the Las Vegas strip!

  2. Stephen King's The Stand was set in Vegas. Technically it's a mini-series, not a movie, but a nuclear bomb did go off, annihilating the whole city, so surely that counts for something???