Friday, November 13, 2009

Kiddie DVD's at the Library

We were talking with the grandparents in England about Crimbo presents for the kids this year. The children are really starting to get into videos, so we suggested getting a few DVD's for them so they can watch some UK kiddies shows. Unfortunately, in the USA we use Region 1 DVD's and in the UK they use Region 2 DVD's, and it may have been difficult for the grandparents to find Region 1 DVD's in the UK.

We make regular visits to the library, so today I decided to look around and see what children's videos I could find. Here are a few of the videos I was able to find:
We can even request videos from other locations, so if our local branch does not have the video we want, we can request it be sent from another location. And it is free! We can watch the videos a few times and then take them back when we are done.

Expats - have you tried the library to find UK videos and books for the kids?

Thanks to Kipper Online for the picture!

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