Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Irish Accent Number One!

According to 5,000 women who participated in a global survey about accents, the Irish accent comes out on top! Women rated accents according to their sexiness, and the United Kingdom does very well, scoring 4 of the top 10 slots. Here is the breakdown of the Top Ten:

World's Sexiest Accents

1. Irish

2. Italian

3. Scottish

4. French

5. Australian

6. English

7. Swedish

8. Spanish

9. Welsh

10. American

Three fifths of survey respondents admitted that they had been seduced by someone because of their accent. My husband and I laugh about this, he says I fell in love with him because of his Geordie rogue, and I say he loved my American twang!

Do you agree with the results - which UK accent is the top?


  1. Mine are:

    1. Australian
    2. Scottish
    3. Irish
    4. English (but which one? I'll have to think about that.)
    5. Italian

  2. That could be a post in itself on which English accent!