Monday, November 30, 2009

Happy St. Andrew's Day!

Although all of the current members of the LVUK Mums Group are English, not Scots, we wanted to recognize St. Andrew's Day today! (Edited to change Brits t0 English - sorry for typo - and thanks to Anon for commenting!)Anywhere from 20 - 25 million Americans have Scottish heritage - I've got Wilson and Campbell blood in the lineage myself. So what is St. Andrew's Day all about?

St. Andrews Day is named for the patron Saint of Scotland. Andrew, the brother of Peter the Apostle, was also a disciple of John the Baptist. Tradition says that girls wishing to marry would pray to St. Andrew at midnight on November 29th - luckily for us we are a long way from this happening in our house. Instead, I will try my hand at preparing some traditional Scottish dishes, and the kids will do some St. Andrews day themed art.

How are you celebrating St. Andrews day?

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  1. Thanks for explain this. My hubby is Scottish and he always goes on about it.

  2. You might want to check the definition of British.....